Singapore Code of Advertising Practice

The Singapore Code of Advertising Practice (SCAP) is the guiding principle of ASAS. This Code seeks to promote a high standard of ethics in advertising through industry self-regulation. The basic premise of the SCAP is that all advertisements should be legal, decent, honest and truthful. The SCAP was formulated against the background of national law, international law and practice, including the International Code of Advertising Practice published by the International Chamber of Commerce.

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NOTE: The enhanced guidelines on the advertising of investments under Appendix J may be found here.

NOTE: More information on the Sale of Infant Food Ethics Committee Singapore (SIFECS) Code of Ethics and expanded advertising and promotion restrictions on breastmilk formula substitute products introduced in January 2019 can be found on the Health Promotion Board's website and the updated chapter (Statutes and statutory instruments with special relevance to advertising and related trading practices) in SCAP.