What can you give feedback or make queries on

You can submit your feedback or any queries on all advertisements for any goods, services and facilities appearing in any form, or any media, including but not limited to:

  • Advertisements in newspapers (including classified advertisements), magazines, brochures, leaflets, circulars, mailings, posters, plastic cards (including fare cards, cash cards), tickets and other printed publications
  • Advertisements via facsimile transmissions and aerial announcements
  • Advertisements displayed on buildings and vehicles
  • Advertisements in information network services, electronic bulletin boards, on-line databases and Internet services
  • Mail orders
  • Sales promotions and calls
  • Mailing lists
  • Digital communications in every format, design and context including the worldwide web (Internet) and mobile apps

Process for submitting feedback  or queries

  • Send in your feedback or queries using the online form, email or by post. All feedback should be accompanied by sufficient details for the ASAS to act, including a copy of the advertisement (eg: screenshots, photos, receipts, links to the online sites etc) in addition to further details of why you object to the feedback.
  • Pay the administrative fee according to the tariff published by the ASAS before investigations/deliberations begin.

Process for assessing advertisements

ASAS may call on the complainant, the person complained against or any other person for information that ASAS deems relevant in assessing the advertisement complained of. Such requests for substantiation may be made by the Chairman or by the secretariat on behalf of the Chairman, and may specify deadlines for the information to be provided and sanctions to be applied if such deadlines are not met.

If the person called upon by ASAS fails to provide timely information or declines to finance the gathering of information, ASAS has the discretion to either take no further action or to act on the basis of the information before it. In either event, ASAS will not be liable to any person for any loss or damage which is in any way related to such lack of information. Those who abide by this Code will bind themselves to indemnify ASAS for all costs and expenses incurred in deliberating on complaints if such investigations/deliberations involve the employment or engagement of professional experts.

The ASAS council will meet to rule on complaints and other enquiries at regular intervals appropriate to the voluntary nature of its membership (but not less frequently than once every three months). Members of ASAS, other than the Chairman, will have one vote and all decisions will be by a simple majority of members present. In the event that the votes are divided, the Chairman will have a casting vote. A quorum will be constituted by one-third of existing members. Any member of ASAS who has a vested interest in a dispute must immediately declare that interest and be absent from all deliberations. The Chairman is responsible for ensuring that any council member of ASAS who has a vested interest will absent himself from all deliberations.

ASAS’ decision will be notified in writing to the interested parties, advising them of any action to be taken.

Complainants and persons making enquiries of ASAS should allow a reasonable period (which will typically be between one and two months after all relevant information is in hand) for the members of the ASAS Council to study the complaints/enquiries and to dispatch a reply or make a ruling. Where further information is required for ASAS to make a ruling or answer an enquiry, the time required to handle a complaint or enquiry will be extended accordingly.

All members of ASAS will honour the confidential nature of all discussions. All deliberations of ASAS are confidential and must not be disclosed to third persons by any party without ASAS’s prior written permission. ASAS is not obligated to disclose any information it may receive in the course of any investigation/deliberation to any party.

Fees payable

 Type of Feedback Fees (S$)
Member of AAMS, AMOS or DMAS Non-Member
Business to Business $600 ($654 incl. GST) $1200 ($1308 incl. GST)
Consumer to Business Free

SAA – Singapore Advertisers Association
AAMS – Association of Advertising & Marketing Singapore
AMOS – Association of Media Owners of Singapore
DMAS – Data-Driven Marketing Association of Singapore