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Latest News

Media Release: ASAS sees jump in feedback on food & beverage, restaurant ads in 2022

Food and beverage advertisements were most complained about industry to ASAS in 2022, with restaurants not far behind.

Media Release: ASAS received 304 pieces of feedback on advertisements in 2021; F&B, Electrical & Electronics top categories of feedback

The Advertising Standards Authority of Singapore received 304 pieces of feedback in 2021, inclusive of advertising advice (4) and consumer-to-business complaints (277), businesses-to-business (17) and feedback from government agencies (6). This represents a drop in complaints from 2020 (428) but a return to the levels that ASAS saw pre-2020.

Media Release: 2020 COVID-19 ad complaints contribute to increase in feedback

The Advertising Standards Authority of Singapore (ASAS) received a total of 428 instances of feedback in 2020. The 19% increase over the 359 received in 2019 was partly attributable to feedback on advertisements for COVID-19-related products and services.